There are many amazing resources online. Here are a few that we have found helpful – particularly in improving pronunciation through listening and imitating. We are also including the videos we made especially for our students on our own Better English in Tacoma YouTube channel.

American Idioms Playlist – “Come Again”
Improve your understanding of common American idioms overheard in the Pacific NW of the USA. New videos are being added regularly.


Pronunciation Playlist
Learn rules for knowing how to pronounce American English words.
Practice with American teachers and improve your ability to be clearly understood.


“The Story of God’s Love For You” Playlist
Practice listening comprehension by listening to our teachers read from a book and then seeing if you can retell the story in English.
Practice pronunciation by purchasing a copy of the book and reading along with the teacher, pausing after each sentence to see if you can imitate not only the pronunciation of the words but the intonation used in each sentence.
An added bonus is that this book tells the story about how God loves you!


Listening Comprehension Playlist
Listen to stories and try to retell them in your own words.
Many of the stories can be found in the Bible, so you can practice reading along.
To access the Bible online, visit one of these sites:



Learning English VOA News (Voice of America)