About Us

WHY We Do What We Do

Our FREE English programs were started by volunteers who had the following motivation.

We are thankful to God for a right relationship with Him through the death, burial and resurrection of Jesus – a generous gift that we humbly accept by faith.

“For God so loved the world that He gave His one and only Son, that whoever believes in Him should not perish but have everlasting life.” (John 3:16)

God says in His Word that those who follow Jesus are blessed in order to be a blessing to ALL the nations/peoples of the world. As followers of Jesus who seek to obey God’s command to love Him with all our hearts and to love our neighbors (every person) as ourselves, it is our great joy to bless you and help you thrive by:

Giving you the opportunity to hear about this amazingly Good News offered through Jesus.

    • Ask our teachers/tutors to share more. They would be delighted to talk with you and answer questions.
    • Participate in a free Discovery Bible Study to read this Good News and the teachings of Jesus for yourself.

Giving you the opportunity to practice real-life conversational English with native English speakers.

    • We focus on natural, real-life conversation, not on memorizing grammar rules.
    • We help you use what English you already know and build on it – regardless of your English level.
    • We help you grow in your confidence to speak English with others and be understood.
    • We help with pronunciation with the goal of clear communication rather than the elimination of your accent.

Giving you the opportunity to talk about culture and worldview differences in a safe space.

    • We encourage you to share about your culture, customs, language, worldview.
    • We share about cultural differences so that you can navigate life in America.
    • We learn from you so that we can better understand how to serve people from different cultures.

Praying for you.

    • Many of our teachers and tutors are followers of Jesus who pray regularly. We have seen God answer many prayers in our lives and in the lives of others. We pray for our students in general, but if you have a specific prayer request you’d like us to pray for, please let us know (by email or in person).

WHO We Are

Our Better English Leadership Team is made up of teachers from different churches in the Puget Sound area. We offer in-person classes on Monday mornings and an online Talk Time program on Saturday mornings. We also partner with other churches and organizations (including libraries) who facilitate FREE English sessions (both online and in-person) for international friends.

In addition to our Better English teachers, we have amazing volunteer tutors who work with students in each class – giving them opportunities to speak English in a smaller group or one-on-one. Our tutors are men and women who vary in age, occupation, marital status, and background. They give of their time because they are eager to help you learn!

WHAT We Offer

It is our delight to offer English Conversation Classes, English Conversation Partners, and Discovery Bible Studies free of charge. Since our classes & other programs are geared toward conversational English, beginning students with no prior English ability may wish to first attend a beginning ESL class to learn some of the basics. In addition to being able to find beginning ESL programs at local schools, we also offer a once-a-week Basic English class that runs concurrently with our Monday Conversation Class.

No advanced registration is required for our regular classes, but to participate in our Zoom classes, you will need to contact the facilitator of that class to get the link.

To participate in our Conversation Partner or Discovery Bible Study programs, advanced registration is required so that we can match you with a partner/group.

Students (and volunteer tutors) are welcome to join any of our regular classes at any time. Since each class is a ‘stand alone’ topic/lesson, you can miss a class and still be able to participate well when you return.

Please contact us for more info on the current week’s schedule.

Questions? Contact Karen karen@sunsetbible.com